Getting Started

Choosing the right builder / renovator for your project is paramount to a successful project. Following the correct steps to choosing the right builder / renovator is as equally important. So, what are the correct steps?

1. Start with Stoney Lake Design & Planning

  • First we have a Free consultation meeting at the project site.
  • We discuss the scope of project and your budget.
  • Then we create concept drawings within the budget.
  • We also review local by-laws to ensure compliancy.

At this point you will know what your new home, cottage or renovation will look like, a budget price and how it will fit on your lot.

2. In the next phase we complete the following:

  • Construction ready blueprints.
  • Material specifications.
  • Site plan.
  • Permits.

Now you are ready to tender your project and do an apples to apples evaluation.

3. Stoney Lake Homes & Cottages will complete a construction contract with a written scope of work, terms & conditions and final pricing ready for your approval to start the project.

Other builder / renovator qualifying steps:

  • Request testimonials.
  • Request to see completed projects.
  • Ask the builder /renovator how many years they have been in business.
  • Request a WSIB (Workman Safety Insurance Board) clearance certificate.
  • Request a copy of the business liability insurance certificate.
  • Choose a RenoMark renovator

Feel free to send us information about your project.

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  • Home Building Areas of Interest